Admissions and Appeals

Aided schools must consult with the Board of Education before going to statutory consultation, unless they wish to amend their policies further. Policies should be sent to Helen Tyler, Schools Administrator at

However, in order to better assist schools with the ever-changing admissions scene schools should send a copy of their proposed policy to Helen before the end of October each year, together with any Supplementary Information Form that they use. This policy will be for the admissions round for the following academic year.

Membership of Churches Together in Greater Manchester gives advice on the range of churches to be considered when applications are received for admission on the grounds of church attendance and can be found in the documents page, along with guidance for primary and secondary schools.

The latest Schools Admissions Code was published in December 2014 and can also be found on the Documents page.

In addition, updated guidance on Admissions Policy has been issued in May 2018 by the Manchester Diocesan Board of Education.

Coordinated Admissions

Coordinated admission is the government statutory initiative which provides an easier process for allocating each child a place at either a primary or secondary school. Voluntary Aided schools, foundation schools, academies and free schools are advised to liaise with their local authorities and to send their determined admission arrangements to their LA by 15 March each year, even when no changes have been made.

The School Admissions (Coordination of Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2012, as amended in 2014, is available at

Where changes are proposed, there must be consultation on the proposed changes, as required by the School Admissions Code. Copies of your Local Authority's Coordinated Scheme for Admissions must be published on the LA's website each year. The LA is also required to publish each year a composite prospectus setting out the admissions arrangements (including any supplementary forms) for each of the state-funded schools in the LA's area.

Appeals Panels

Voluntary aided and foundation school governing bodies and Academy Trusts are responsible for setting up independent appeals panels, including advertising for and training panel members. In practice most LAs will undertake this work for the schools.

School admission appeal arrangements should be as simple and clear as possible. Training is available to schools on the appeals process and the organization and presentation of the schools case. Contact Deborah Smith for further information and advice.

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