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graphic of personThe diocesan Prayer Diary is published every month and is available to download from the Document Library



Share and Prayer led by Bishop Mark Davies

Bishop Mark Davies leads our monthly online prayer events which take place monthly. Over the course of the year, we will be sharing more stories and good news from across the diocese, as well as making space for prayer and reflection during this time of transformation. As the diocese settles into the new deanery arrangements and reflects on the proposal for Mission Communities, we invite you to join us as we underpin the journey with prayer.

If you or your church community have any stories or prayers you would like to share during these sessions please email them to

A prayer for the next stage of the Transformation Programme

Loving Creator,
as we enter into a time of change;
may we discover new vision and purpose
in the changelessness of your love.
When we feel lost in times of uncertainty
help us to remember that we are never lost to you.
As we go forth in faith
may you teach us to sing
a new song of hope
to the glory of your Name
and for the sake of your Church.

Wonderful Saviour,
Bread of Life and Spring of Living Water;
for the sake of the world,
break open the Body of your Church
and lead us out of ourselves
into the future hope to which you call us.
Transform our hearts and open our eyes,
so that we may feel as you feel
and see as you see.
May the cries of your Church call
down mercy and justice from heaven
as we lay down our lives for the
furtherance of your kingdom.

Holy Spirit,
Breath of life,
Divine Disrupter
and shaker of heaven and earth.
Rattle the unyielding
foundations of complacency.
Shake the ashes and dust from our souls
and revive us by your breath,
so that the Word may issue forth
from a Church rebuilt in Your divine image.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit
increase the faith of your Church,
rekindle hope,
in the silence of your presence
fill us with your love
and transform us into a Church of Missionary Disciples.

We invite you to share this prayer with your church community or in your own personal prayers. Download the prayer here.


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