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Looking beyond Manchester
First published on: 24th August 2019
Only once in my childhood did we have a holiday overseas. Even then we strayed no further than a modest drive from the ferry terminal in northern France. My parents cant have thought it a great success, as from the next year on we were back to Englis
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Challenges and Opportunities
First published on: 16th July 2019
Before the summer break our Diocesan Synod had a first look, and encouraged us to go forward in producing proposals to change the number and structure of deaneries. Put baldly, that may feel a rather internal matter, but the proposals lie at the hear
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Remembering Peterloo
First published on: 26th June 2019
Mike Leighs film, Peterloo, brought back memories of my school history lessons. We were taught about its significance in leading to the prominence of Manchester and surrounding towns in the Industrial Revolution.The massacre of men and women in the c
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The lessons of D Day
First published on: 6th June 2019
I started school in the spring of 1962. Long enough after the end of the Second World War for much of the private human loss to have faded into sad memory. Yet sufficiently recent for the sense of a tremendous victory to be a central part of the Brit
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First published on: 28th May 2019
In the years before clergy had Ministerial Development Reviews, a wise nun from Whitby acted as my work consultant. Once, in preparing to meet with her, I made a list of all the things I did and then arranged them under headings according to what rol
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Marking Ascension Day
First published on: 1st May 2019
Easter fell late in the year of my birth. In consequence I was born, at the end of May 1957, on Ascension Day. Sixty two years later, 2019 is the first time since that my birthday has been on this particular feast. So I can't help but reflect on Asce
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We need to talk about Nazareth
First published on: 16th April 2019
Bishop David's sermon at the Chrism Mass on 15 April 2019.We need to talk about Nazareth. Today's gospel passage (is Luke 4: 16-21) has been carefully cropped. It tells us barely half the story. We get all the exciting stuff about Jesus declaring him
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Our constant hope
First published on: 27th March 2019
It plays havoc with school timetables and complicates many people's holiday arrangements, but I quite like the fact that the date of Easter can vary, by up to a month or more, from one year to the next. It reminds me that the joyful news of the resur
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Our secret weapon: tea and cake!
First published on: 23rd March 2019
Bishop David Walker writes:Just over a week ago, a far right wing white supremacist went on a shooting rampage against Muslims gathered for prayer in Canterbury, New Zealand. Their city and ours lie at opposite points on the globe, but we share with
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Call to prayer for Brexit
First published on: 19th March 2019
All three bishops serving the Diocese of Manchester have called for churches to join in with five days of national prayer for unity as the deadline for Brexit approaches. Churches will be encouraged to host informal caf-style meetings over
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