APCM documentation

First published on: 11th May 2021

The pandemic has forced us all to do things a little differently and completion of Annual Parochial Council Meeting (APCM) documentation is no exception. Below is a summary of how each element of the 'APCM pack' (which is usually sent out via post) is being handled this year.

Visitation form

The form for admission of Churchwardens at the Archdeacons' Visitations services in 2021 can be downloaded here. 

Please ensure you select your parish from the dropdown list at the top of the form before printing it.

Once printed, this document should be completed, signed and returned to JANE MONKS, Diocesan Registrar, Church House, 90 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2QH.

If you are unable to print the document and/or would like a prepaid envelope, please contact danielbainbridge@manchester.anglican.org

Parish officer details

Parishes have previously designated a Parish Data Co-ordinator role and this person should have already received an email in mid-April containing a link to a website which enables them to confirm or change the details of their parish's Churchwardens, PCC Secretary, Treasurer, Gift Aid Secretary and Safeguarding Co-ordinator.

If you believe you are your parish's Data Co-ordinator and have not received a link, please contact danielbainbridge@manchester.anglican.org

Articles of Inquiry

Given the additional pressures that parishes are under at the moment, the Archdeacons have decided not to carry out Articles of Inquiry this year. If you have any concerns that you would have reported through the Articles, please contact your Archdeacon directly.

Annual Report and Financial Statements

Copies of these documents should ideally be sent in electronic format to danielbainbridge@manchester.anglican.org ensuring that the parish's accounts and Safeguarding Co-ordinator's report are included.

If you need to send paper copies, then please forward them for the attention of Daniel Bainbridge to Church House, 90 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2GH. Once again, if you require a prepaid envelope, please contact danielbainbridge@manchester.anglican.org

Electoral roll

This can be added to the 2021 Statistics for Mission return on https://parishreturns.churchofengland.org/

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