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PCC Secretary

The PCC Secretary’s role is a ministry of service. It may be ‘behind the scenes’ but it is an important role in the smooth running of the church and its affairs. Administration is one of the gifts of God’s Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12.28) to be used for the good of God’s people and God’s mission in the world.

Although the role of the Secretary may sometimes seem rather dry and technical, done well, it can make all the difference to the smooth and effective mission of the church – not to mention the morale and good nature of its fellowship!

The Role of the PCC Secretary

The PCC Secretary works with the Chair of the PCC to support the running of the meeting, helps to ensure that the decision making is clear and accurately recorded and to makes sure that all the documents needed for the meeting are available.

PCC Meetings

The PCC Secretary should prepare the agenda in consultation with the Chair of the PCC.

The PCC Secretary takes the minutes of PCC meetings, which are a legal record of the PCC’s decisions and activities. They need to show who was present, details of decisions taken and voting figures, highlight action points and who is responsible for the action.

Approved minutes (except for confidential minutes) must be available to members of the Electoral Roll.

The PCC Secretary is responsible for receiving and sending correspondence on behalf of the PCC.

Parish events

All Church events have to be approved by the PCC for insurance cover. The PCC Secretary must ensure that their reports and plans come to the PCC in plenty of time.

Record keeping

The PCC Secretary ensures that all documents, certificates, contracts and correspondence are kept safe and in order.

During a vacancy

It is the Secretary who will receive the relevant paperwork from the Registry detailing the legal procedures in relation to finding a new parish priest. You will be the one to convene the Section 11 meeting (and, if necessary, a Section 12 meeting) and to correspond as necessary with the Registrar. The Archdeacon and Area Dean will be on hand to guide you and the PCC through the process. More information about being a parish in vacancy can be found on the Interregnum page.


It is important that you claim all of your out-of-pocket expenses and that they are met by the PCC – postage, stationery, photocopying etc.

Preparing for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The PCC Secretary:

  • provides the legally required “annual report” about the parish that accompanies the financial statements
  • obtains any further reports from parish organisations that the PCC wishes to publish
  • obtains the required Fabric Report from the Churchwardens
  • obtains the report from Deanery Synod representatives on the activities of the synod
  • obtains the report from the Safeguarding Co-ordinator
  • makes sure the minutes of last year’s APCM are available
  • arranges for all the above, and the financial statements, to be compiled and made available

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