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Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored course

Comprised of a book, DVD, and online and print-based material, Christianity Explored includes seven weekly sessions plus material for a day away.

The idea behind the course is simple: put people at ease, let them ask and say what they need to, and don’t put anyone under pressure to say, do, or commit to anything that they’re not ready for. Above all, show you're not afraid of the tough questions – even when you don’t know the answer.

Where Alpha emphasises the Holy Spirit, Christianity Explored places emphasis on Biblical exposition, reading through Mark’s Gospel. The first five weeks focus on who Jesus is and why he came to us, while the last two sessions and the day away look at what it means to follow Jesus.

There are specialist courses too, ranging from an 11-14s version versions to a prison edition. These allow you to present a welcoming and competent week-by-week invitation to a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds.

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