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Stories of faith

Read our stories of faith from everyday people. Find out how they found God, what their relationship with Him means to them and how it affects the way they live their lives.

A faith ever evolving

Losing my job, ending a relationship and catching Covid, it almost felt like a spiritual pruning. I've come through stronger and more sure of what I believe and who I believe in.

A life changed by Jesus

As a young mum who had fled an abusive relationship, Jenny found herself on a destructive path of alcohol and drug abuse.

A seafarer's tale

Lee Higson is Chief Officer on a floating oil rig, 120 miles east of Aberdeen in the North Sea. He has worked on ships and Oil rigs for 19 years. When he is back home he worships in Deane.

A third and fourth chance

We are all a bit broken, but God loves us and gives us a third and fourth chance. Although Abby Ogier has been a church member all her life, she admits her faith has been through ups and downs.

Baby Interrupted Bible Study | Beth Hampson

Beth Hampson, a passionate member of Christ Church Pennington in Leigh, found having a baby made it difficult to go to her evening Bible study. Recognising it was an issue shared by other new mums in the church, Beth set up a daytime bible study called 'BIBS' - Baby Interrupted Bible Study.

Challenging the notions of 'otherness'

For many of us, talking about sexuality can be difficult, but talking about this in the context of faith can be very challenging.

Children celebrating difference

Nicola works with children and young people as part of the Children Changing Places Project, helping them to develop their Christian discipleship pathway.

Everything in my life was worthless

Kathreen Shabaz, a nurse and an Authorised Lay Minister at St Barnabas, Oldham, was brought up in a Catholic family in Pakistan. I wouldn't count myself then as Christian.

From cars to climate change

Lovely Chavan uses her God-given talents to care for the environment and is speaking out on climate change ahead of the COP26 meeting in November 2021.

From food bank to faith

If it hadn't been for the church I don't think I would have coped. When Gemma started coming to the local Food Bank for help and support she ended up finding a new faith and a new place to worship.

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