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Church Army

Church Army are a Christian Charity that exists to share faith and fight poverty. Since 1882, Church Army has existed so that everyone everywhere can encounter God’s love, and be empowered to transform their communities through faith shared in words and action. 

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Rochdale Centre of Mission (in partnership with Church Army)

Rochdale Centre of Mission started in early 2021 and is based on the Belfield & Cray and Firgrove estates. The priorities for the centre of mission are to share the Good News of Jesus with those on the estates who have no connection to the church. Click here to find out more.

Church Army Resources

Church Army’s Faith Resources aim to help Christians everywhere think about how they can share their faith confidently and sensitively with the people they know. Whether it is reflecting on your own journey with God in Faith Pictures, or thinking about how to connect others with your church in Faith Shared, our resources have been carefully developed to be shaped by your conversations, experiences, and context.

  • Faith Shared - Helping Churches of all traditions think about how they connect with the communities around them.
  • Faith Questions - Explore how you answer difficult questions about faith, and give you confidence to share your faith with others.
  • Faith Pictures – Helping Christians of all traditions talk about their own story of faith with confidence. Find out more about Faith pictures in the video below:

Faith Empowered - Enabling those who feel called to evangelism in the local church to explore their calling.

Church Army Vocations

Do you love sharing your story of faith with people, and want to bring them to a living faith in God? Do you feel more at home outside the church than inside it? Do you feel called to be with people ‘on the margins’? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you may have a vocation as a Church Army Evangelist.

Church Army Evangelists fulfil a variety of roles in the church: they are evangelists; they may also be chaplains, pioneers, youth workers, community workers, and church planters. Some are employed by Church Army. Many are not. But they all have a heart for sharing the Gospel with everyone, inside and outside church.

Church Army has been training pioneer evangelists in the UK and around the world since Victorian times and specialises in teaching and learning about mission and evangelism. In studying with us, you will be formed as a reflective practitioner, with the opportunity to learn as part of a prayerful Christian community with like-minded tutors and fellow students. We have a diverse learning community and cater to a range of church traditions. After training, people are Admitted to the Office of Evangelist and Commissioned as Evangelists in the Anglican Church: the only nationally licenced pathway for lay evangelists under canons E7/E8.

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Church Army’s Research Unit:

Church Army’s Research Unit have been at the forefront of research on contemporary mission, evangelism, pioneering and fresh expressions of Church for over 25 years. During this period, they have produced numerous reports of national significance, including The Day of Small Things (2016), Paid Pioneers: From The Margins to the Mainstream (2022) and Growing Leaders on Urban Estates (2023). We also provide research and consultancy services for dioceses, Church institutions and other funding partners. Each of their projects is unique and tailored to the needs of a particular context but they most typically assist with things programme evaluations, strategic reviews, survey design, and qualitative interviews and focus groups. To find out more and explore how you could partner with Church Army, please visit our research webpages or contact Research Team Leader Andy Wier.

Leadership Development:

LEAD is Church Army’s leadership development offer for growing leaders. It’s flexible suite of online learning resources alongside learning groups make it suitable for a wide range of people. Whether you’re a new or aspiring or reluctant leader or have years of experience. To find out more check out our LEAD website and book a 1-1 chat today. Watch their video here:


Envoy is an innovative step-by-step coaching community developing your evangelism and effectiveness in living missionally.

  • Envoy is a 24-week resource laid out in 4 phases starting Autumn 2023. Envoy gives you weekly podcasts to increase your knowledge about evangelism with practical pointers to help you discover your own unique way of evangelism.
  • Meet in person or online in weekly coaching communities taking you step-by-step through a process designed to form habits and skills so evangelism is second nature regardless of context.
  • 24 weeks in an Envoy community will deal with your, who where when and how' evangelism questions. Gain friendships intentional about mission and deepen confidence for your next steps.

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