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Manchester Diocesan Board of Education Members Triennium ending 31 December 2024

Membership of the Board of Education

Service level agreement

The revised Service Level Agreement that has been published by Manchester Diocesan Board of Education.  It reflects the Board’s vision that all CE schools across the diocese are part of the diocesan family of schools and the board and its’ officers are here to support all schools.

The SLA focusses on the partnership/covenant relationship MDBE has with all its schools as we all seek to serve the needs of children and families within our communities. It outlines how MDBE enacts the diocesan vision, the relationship with and between CE schools as well as various aspects of support schools can partake of as need arises.  MDBE do not withhold support from schools not in the SLA, whilst noting we are only able to offer such support because of the commitment of others to the partnership.

Currently more than 95% of the 191 schools within the diocese are part of the SLA. Our vision is for 100% of CE schools to partner with MDBE through the SLA.

Through the Service Level Agreement, Church of England schools and the Diocesan Board of Education demonstrate a working partnership based on a covenant relationship.  We are committed to each other and our actions testify to this.  The relationship is not transactional in that it is not about what one party can do for another.  It is a commitment to working together, to supporting together, to celebrating together, to flourishing together.

Download Service Level Agreement April 2023

Guidance from the Church of England Education Office

The legislation makes it clear that all schools should approach RSHE in a faith sensitive and inclusive way, seeking to explain fairly the tenets and varying interpretations of religious communities on matters of sex and relationships and teach these viewpoints with respect. The Church of England Education Office supports the approach taken by the government, including recommending an age-appropriate provision of sex education at primary level, and is issuing a Charter which we hope schools of all foundations, faiths or otherwise will sign up to as they affirm the broad principles about how RSHE is taught.

Further links to resources and the CE Charter can be found here.         

Manchester Diocesan Guidance can be accessed via this link.

Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education

The new curriculum has been compulsory from September 2020. Schools were required to start teaching from that date if they met the statutory requirements. If they were not ready, or were unable to meet the requirements, they should begin teaching by at least the start of the summer term 2021. Please refer to: Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education.

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