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Digital ministry

Celebrating Digital Ministry

Communication has shifted drastically in recent years. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, churches found new, creative and imaginative ways to reach their congregations and local communities. Zoom calls, WhatsApp groups and live streams sprung up to unite families and friends in worship and fellowship. Digital communication is now a component of present and future ministry, and we want to encourage all churches, regardless of their digital experience or infrastructure, to get involved with digital!

We met with Revd Rachel Battershell from St Andrew's, Dearnley as she shared her reflections on the impact and evolution of digital ministry in Littleborough.

What is Digital Church?

Join two of our clergy as they discuss what they have learned over the last few years and what a digital church might look like going forward. Your church’s digital output should be accessible and help connect you with the wider community, reaching out to people who wouldn’t normally catch a glimpse of the life of the church. Now could be a good time to step back, take stock and reassess what’s going to keep people interested and coming back to your church online.

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