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Our Faith in Action

We are growing...

...engaging new disciples in missionary church communities which are younger, more diverse, active and spiritually engaged.

We want to be a growing Church, spiritually and numerically. We believe that loving God and loving our neighbour, The Great Commandment, and making disciples, The Great Commission, are the basis of a healthy Church and that a healthy Church is a growing Church. We want to be a diocese that encourages creativity and risk-taking. We will pioneer new faith communities and reinvigorate existing ones.

We are nurturing...

...helping new and existing disciples grow in their faith.

We want to see all God’s people, both lay and ordained, deepening their personal faith, becoming confident in their calling as disciples of Jesus Christ and actively living out faith in church and the world.

We are serving...

...being present for all, speaking and acting prophetically for justice, supporting pastorally especially the vulnerable, deprived and excluded.

Serving is about transformation, changing lives and creating a different future together. This means being present for all, and providing pastoral support, especially to the vulnerable, deprived and excluded. It means speaking and acting prophetically for climate, trade and other forms of justice. It means sharing the good news of Christ through word and action within our most vulnerable communities and deepening our faith and commitment through loving service.

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