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Ministerial Development Review

Clergy holding the bishop's licence and licensed lay workers have a regular Ministerial Development Review (MDR) every 18 months or so. Reviews provide participants with the opportunity to review what they have been doing, to look at their present activity, and to discern priorities for the future. 

Please visit the MDR webpage for further information.

Pastoral Supervision Programme

As part of our serious commitment to clergy care and wellbeing and in line with the Covenant for Clergy Care and Wellbeing which was agreed by General Synod in 2019, Manchester Diocese is taking the first steps to establishing a culture where a pattern of pastoral supervision becomes accepted practice for our clergy.

Following a debate at Diocesan Synod in June 2021, we are investing in the development of six of our licensed clergy to create a dedicated team able to provide pastoral supervision to groups of clergy in the diocese. The aim is for the team to be fully trained and able to provide support from the middle of 2022. For more details visit

Spiritual Companions

Christian ministry is founded upon a life of prayer. God is ever doing new things, and without an openness to the Spirit, his purposes and blessings are in danger of passing us by. Not only that, Christian ministry is a weighty calling which may only be maintained in God’s strength and with the gifts of his refreshment. No doubt any Christian knows this; but in the midst of busy ministries, it is all too easy to focus upon the next deadline, pressurising time available for prayer. This is where many find a Spiritual Companion (or Spiritual Director) helpful. A Companion asks the questions, “How is your prayer life, and how might God be speaking to you today?” Through regular conversation, we discern what modes of prayer are most fruitful for us, and return to prayer with renewed expectation.

The details of any relationship with a Spiritual Companion are a matter of negotiation, such as the frequency and length of meetings. However, any minister is encouraged to have a Spiritual Companion, as spiritual wellbeing lies at the heart of all else. In our diocese, we are fortunate to have a number of Spiritual Companions willing to volunteer their services. Licensed ministers wanting further information about these should contact the Bishop of Manchester’s Chaplain in the first instance at

Inter-Diocesan Counselling Service

This service offers professional counselling to Clergy, Licensed Lay ministers, Ordinands and their families in six NW Dioceses of the Church of England. Visit:

Unite Union

The Church of England Clergy Advocates is a professional association of clergy in the Church of England. It is a professional sector of Britains largest union, Unite. Membership is open to all clergy. The Church of England Clergy Advocates network of Accredited Representatives provide advice, support, and representation. Visit the Unite website.

Broken Rites

Broken Rites is an interdenominational group offering mutual support and information to separated and divorced spouses and partners of clergy and ministers. They can be contacted via their website

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