Digital Sunday


Celebrating Digital Ministry

Communication has shifted drastically in recent years. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, churches found new, creative and imaginative ways to reach their congregations and local communities. Zoom calls, WhatsApp groups and live streams sprung up to unite families and friends in worship and fellowship. The pandemic has accelerated the church into finding innovative ways to preach the Gospel and reach communities in a time of isolation and separation.

Digital Sunday is all about celebrating these stories and shining a light on the tremendous work that local parishes have accomplished together through the use of digital channels and technologies to continue their work for the glory of God.



Join Us in June 

On June 19, we will be live streaming our #DigitalSunday service on YouTube, celebrating stories and case studies from across the diocese. The Digital Sunday live stream will follow a week of digital events and stories that celebrate and bring attention to the effectiveness of digital communication as a component of past, present and future ministry. We want to encourage all churches, regardless of their digital experience or infrastructure, to get involved with our Digital Sunday event!

If you would like to share your story or get involved with the Digital Sunday initiative, please email our Digital Communications Officer:



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