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Stepping Stones for Growth

Church growth is high on our agenda as a diocese. How can our churches grow in changing times? Stepping Stones for Growth is a toolkit to help churches think about this in new ways.

Stepping Stones for Growth is a series of six useful videos, exploring ways we can grow in numbers and faith, in our own diverse settings and across our different church traditions.

Stepping Stones is suitable for use by individuals, church groups, inter-church groups and online events and services. It doesn’t assume any technical or specialist knowledge, so connects with a broad range of people.

Using Stepping Stones for Growth

Read our handy short guide, Using Stepping Stones for Growth.

The materials

You only need two things to run Stepping Stones for Growth:

  1. The Handbook.
  2. The six videos, which are accessible from the Manchester Diocese YouTube channel. There are two video playlists: lo-res (suitable for playing over Zoom) and hi-res (for use in church buildings, on big screens and for personal use).

Advertising the course

The following resources are available to help you publicise the Stepping Stones for Growth course.

Word Template

You can use this Word Template to publicise your own Stepping Stones for Growth course.

Facebook Graphic

Use this graphic to publicise your Stepping Stones for Growth course on Facebook.

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