Data protection

Laptop with USB stick. Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash
Laptop with USB stick. Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

Information and resources have been developed for parishes to help ensure you are compliant.

They can be found at

Further information for parishes 

A brief guide to data protection for PCC members.

Parish privacy notices

What personal data does your parish hold? Doing an audit

Sending out a parish newsletter (by post or email), Do you have consent?

Keep it or bin it? How long can we keep personal data?

Data Protection Advice from the Church of England Record Centre

Storing data securely

Is your computer secure? Who has access to your computer? Anti-virus? Firewall? Up to date operating system? If it is store in the cloud, is the service provided from servers in the EU or countries with adequate safeguards?

How Manchester DBF uses your information

The Privacy Notice - MDBF outlines how we use and safeguard the information we hold about you.

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