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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my DFC balance?

You will receive a balance 3 times a year, which will be sent to school’s SBMS.

What can I use my DFC for?

Any capital project worth over £2000. For a comprehensive list, see the blue book.

Can I combine different projects to achieve the £2000 criteria?

No, capital projects must be in their entirety, not as part as a multi-scheme project.

When do we receive our new DFC?

Your DFC is granted every year around the end of May. The money arrives with the Diocese around June/ July.

Can I use my DFC for the 10% Governing Board contribution to capital works?

No, you can’t use Government grant money to pay any of the 10% Governing Board contribution to capital works.

When can I bid for DFC?

You can apply for DFC year-round, however there are a few things to consider when deciding when to make an application:

  • It is expected for schools to discuss any capital expenditure with their school’s building consultants.
  • Around half term and end of term there is usually a high volume of DFC applications, which may cause your application to have longer processing times.
  • DFC projects for summer works must be applied for before the 1st July.
  • DFC work should not commence onsite until approval is given.

When can I bid for SCA?

Bids are invited for SCA from September. The bid deadline is November. Schools should liaise with their school buildings consultant before this deadline.

Schools must fund 10% of any bid submitted for SCA, in its entirety.

When will I find out if I have been successful in my bid submission?

For DFC projects the turnaround should be between one to two weeks; as above please note that there are certain times of year when there is a higher volume of bids, so the turnaround may take longer.

For SCA bids we aim to inform schools that have been successful within the first half of June. Invoices for 10% of funding will be issued and must be paid BEFORE the school’s finish for the end of Summer Term.

Can I change my consultant?

We do not advocate that a school regularly change their school’s building consultant.

We recommend that a school stay with a consultant for a minimum of 3 years.

However, should the need arise for the school to opt for a change, the diocese can help you in the process of selecting a new school buildings consultant.

Do I need a school buildings consultant?

Yes, the schools building consultant handles all of the schools CDM regulations regarding capital projects. They are there to support and work with the school, to develop the school building into the best it can be, and is sufficient in providing what both the children and staff need in order to educate as seamlessly as possible.

What do I get for my insurance?

Whilst it is illegal for the Diocese to give insurance advice, we can recommend that you discuss your insurance with Ecclesiastical Insurance Group.


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