With Fairtrade you have the power to change the world every day. With simple shopping choices you can get farmers a better deal. And that means they can make their own decisions, control their futures and lead the dignified life everyone deserves.  The Fairtrade Foundation
Fairtrade stall at diocesan roadshow 2016
Fairtrade stall at diocesan roadshow 2016
Christian Aid prayer for Fair Trade

As I enter the street market
Wheel my trolley at the superstore
Leaf through a catalogue, or log on to the internet:
Be with me and help me
When I spend money
Be with me and help me
To see the market place as you see it
As wide as the world you love so much.
Be with us and help us
To share the markets we share
For all people.
As we live under your steady gaze,
So we can change, by your gracious love.

The story so far

In 2006 more than half of our churches committed to buying and selling only Fairtrade tea and coffee. Manchester became a Fairtrade Diocese, a sign of support for the farmers who grow our food but do not get paid properly and of a Gospel-inspired commitment to justice for the poor.

Ten years later commitment and enthusiasm remain strong. Our churches buy and sell a wide range of Fairtrade goods, organise events, join campaigns, and seek to learn from the people directly affected. They bring their longing for justice to the heart of prayer and worship.

The next chapter

Work for Fairtrade and trade justice is still needed. Recent political changes have created uncertainty about international trade and the effect on workers in the poorest countries. Meanwhile climate change and the global refugee crisis pose new threats. It is more important than ever to listen, learn and speak up on behalf of vulnerable producers, workers and their families.

Getting involved

If you would like to know more, an informal group tasked with promoting Fairtrade within Manchester Diocese can provide advice on becoming a Fairtrade church and suggestions for speakers and resources. For more information, join the Fairtrade Action Facebook Group or contact the diocesan Just Change group by email.


For two weeks each year, thousands of individuals and groups across the UK come together to share the stories of the people who grow our food and drinks and the cotton in our clothes; people who are often exploited and underpaid.

This year, Fairtrade Fortnight will feel very different. 2020 was a hard year for everyone and we know that physically campaigning and meeting people will continue to be challenging in 2021 but many of you will want to continue to support Fairtrade through this time.  

Fairtrade will highlight the growing challenges that climate change brings to farmers and workers in the communities Fairtrade works with. 

To get involved and support their work, join Fairtrade’s online festival with your friends, family and members of your church. You can expect to find fascinating and fun events featuring all parts of the global Fairtrade community, including Fairtrade farmers and workers, other climate campaigners and of course the amazing grassroots network.

The virtual festival which will feature:

• Farmers and workers from around the world explaining why they need to earn more to survive a climate crisis that is already hurting their communities

• Discussions between farmers, other experts and famous faces about what we need to do to choose a better future

• Music, art and entertainment, from all corners of our passionate and talented global Fairtrade community

• Fun interactive workshops on sustainable living here in the UK

You will need to sign up to receive information and resources about what will be taking place.



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