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Generosity & Thankfulness Conference 2022

Top five tips for coping with loneliness and isolation.

A collection of insights, anecdotes, values and wisdom of experienced business people in Manchester gathered from business breakfasts organised by Ministry2Business.

How to apply for a Maintenance of Ministry grant.

Ideas and resources to help you make the most of the Comfort and Joy Christmas resources 2020

Generosity & Thankfulness Conference 2022

We want to be a Church for a Different World. All our energy, effort and prayer is focused on transforming into the sort of church we believe God is calling us to be by 2030.

Marriage - Checklist for new registration process

General Register Office summary of the resources available to clergy in respect of the changes to marriage registration

Marriage - flowchart for clergy (from 4 May 2021)

Habitual Worship as Qualifying Connection - Provisional Application Form

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