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Novel coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance from Bishop David
First published on: 14th February 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) You will be aware from the news stories about the spread of the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in recent weeks and we all hold in our prayers those affected in any way. Currently travellers who have r
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Bishop David's Epiphany Letter
First published on: 7th January 2020
Dear sisters and brothers,Epiphany can, all too easily, collapse into a tale about stars, strange gifts and exotic visitors. It becomes then a story about people very different from ourselves, living in an age far distant from our own. Yet Epiphany i
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Gifts and Graces from God
First published on: 30th December 2019
Then, opening their treasure chests, they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.Ive just read that a piece of research has been done about the number of presents that are never used after the day they were received. I could have told the
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Statement from GM Faith Leaders on the General Election
First published on: 19th November 2019
A statement from Greater Manchester Faith Community Leaders regarding the General Election on Thursday 12 December:We are privileged to live in a secure and democratic society. We have the freedom to vote for who governs us. We encourage all eligibl
Open Statement from GM Faith Leaders on the General Election

Proposed new deanery arrangements
First published on: 12th November 2019
To achieve our exciting vision for the future, we believe we need to change the way we organise ourselves as the diocese: proposing seven deaneries and a new full-time Area Dean role to provide leadership for change, as well as flexible parish c
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Charter for Faith & Belief Inclusion
First published on: 11th November 2019
The Bishop of Manchester, Mayor Andy Burnham, and GM Combined Authority sign a Charter for Faith and Belief Inclusion today at Manchester Cathedral.The Charter for Faith & Belief Inclusion is an initiative of the Faith & Belief Forum and brin
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Our important democracy
First published on: 28th October 2019
I loved Bonfire Night as a child. Its origins meant nothing to me, but it was wonderful to see the flames of the fire reaching to the sky, to watch the colours of Roman candles and rockets shooting streams of bright light, and to trace patterns in th
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Church for a Different World Awards 2019
First published on: 16th October 2019
The Bishop of Manchester has announced 11 Church for Different World awards in recognition of churches that are reaching out to their communities in new and innovative ways. The awards celebrate how churches across Greater Manchester and Rossendale a
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The long road
First published on: 25th September 2019
I write at a time of considerable political uncertainty. Id be very surprised if, by the time you are reading this, the situation has resolved. Indeed, we may well be facing a General Election very soon. Lots of people are quite understandably fed up
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Bishops issue open letter on Brexit
First published on: 28th August 2019
A group of Church of England bishops has issued an open letter on the prospect of a 'no-deal' Brexit and the need for national reconciliation, notwithstanding the potential prorogation of Parliament. The full text can be found below:The Archbishop of
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