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Digital giving this Advent

First published on: 15th November 2023

As we’re looking ahead to Advent and services get busier, now is a great time to consider how you can optimise digital giving in your church.

Late last year, a total of 120 applications for devices were received during November’s Digital Giving Rollout. Originally, the plan was for Archbishops’ Council to provide 50 devices to successful applicants as part of the National Giving Strategy, but thanks to funding from Manchester Diocesan Board of Finance the remaining 70 applicants also received a device.

It's fantastic to see that 78% of these devices are being used, and churches in all areas of the diocese have seen generous contributions being made through them. The average donation on a device is around £10, with it jumping up to around £20 through online giving. The total donations received by some churches now amount to £4,000 for the year, and our projected annual income from digital giving has now surpassed expectations to reach £125,000. We would like to give a big thank you to our churches for their efforts, which have helped us towards this figure as a diocese.

In the coming weeks, there will be an opportunity to make the most of busy services, both for those already using devices and those yet to utilise them.

For those who are perhaps struggling with digital giving, we have outlined some useful tips for making the most of your devices and online gifting this festive season.

  1. Put your digital giving device somewhere prominent where the congregation can access it easily.
  2. Make sure to signpost to it in your service, letting people know that they can donate to their church by using the devices provided.
  3. Ensure that the congregation know that they can get up in services and during the offertory hymn in order to use digital giving devices.
  4. If you don’t yet have a device, you can look at buying one through Parish Buying.
  5. In addition to/instead of a digital giving device, you can put up QR codes around the church building that link to information and online giving.

You can find resources to help you get the most out of digital giving on the National Church of England Website. Visit:

There will also be an online session taking place on 23rd November on optimising your digital giving mechanisms over the Advent and Christmas period when you will have higher footfall, festive services and special Christmas appeals. Sign up via the link below.

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